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Friday, May 20, 2011

Game Night is Back on Track!

Friday Game Night has been a little hit-and-miss of late; too many people had school or work or other real-life things interfering fairly regularly, and now we're down to one or two of our nine players who have conflicts. And also many of our FNG-ers prefer Mage to GURPS (those of us who don't - like me - don't care what we play so long as we play).

So we're rebooting in Old World of Darkness, in Detroyt. We have our usual eclectic mix of characters, which is what makes Mage so much fun. Mine is a Hollow One - a Mage without any specific Traditional framework in which to work - a college student who is usually a very quiet and subtle Mage. The one time she's overt about her magic, she gets caught by the Technocracy... and because she is not part of a Tradition, she has no advocates on her behalf. She's been tossed into the local asylum, as have most of the rest of the characters. And that's where this particular story starts.

Should be fun. We'll see how it goes.