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Sunday, May 22, 2011

And Then There was Sunday

Yeah, not nearly as much sleep Saturday night as Friday. I just could not settle. But I still feel pretty good, springtime allergies aside. Could getting (more than) enough sleep one night help one save up for other nights of sleeplessness?

Today is a quiet day. Lizzy's watching Word World, which is a cute pre-literacy show on PBS. She's just clued in that it's called that because everything is made of words! This was such a lightbulb moment for her; it was hilarious to watch that aha! happen on her face. I'm on laundry and the like today. Abby's still at her Girl Scout retreat; we expect her home around five.

She'll be annoyed that she'll have to do her homework right away upon getting home. Thus is the price of spending the weekend away from home having a fine time; the real world comes crashing down eventually. This is a short week at school for her as next weekend is Memorial Day.

I have an interview to prepare for on Wednesday, and yesterday I started the prettifying process at Tina's Nails. Tina is an energetic woman, Vietnamese, and just the tiniest bit aggressive in that she gently bullied me into using O.P.I.'s Sonora Sunset. "You the customer, you get what you want but this Dusk Over Cairo not right for your skin". This was said in the same doubtful tone I use when saying things like, "They're not banned so you can take them to school but don't expect sympathy from me if they get lost or broken". I really like Tina and the lady who actually did my nails, Tammy, was great. They're neither too long nor too thick for typing! That's huge in the world of artificial nails. They're reasonably priced, too; a full set of artificial nails was $25.

Better go - it's a "scawy paht" in Lizzy's show and she needs to be "cuddled up".