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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Swim

Usually my mom takes Abby to her swimming lesson, and I stay home with Lizzy. Lizzy's a runner and can't be trusted near water unless she is one-on-one with an adult's full attention on her (as opposed to - say - watching her big sister's swimming lesson). We use Safe-n-Sound Swimming, which has a location in downtown Seattle and here in our school district as well.

They are great. Abby has a history of being a little timid in new physical situations (she's not at all timid in social ones however). Water was a big one - she would barely go deeper than her waist even walking, and putting her face in the water would have been unthinkable. After a year or so of weekly lessons with SnS, she's what I would call an "intermediate" swimmer; she's able to do three or four different strokes, a couple of different floats, stand on her hands in the water, and do water somersaults.

I hadn't realized when posting yesterday how much of my unease regarding her Brownie Scout retreat wasn't about her allergies at all; it was my lack of faith in her swimming ability. Well, now I see that lack of faith was unjustified. Abby's hard work, SnS's teaching, and assorted family members' support, I feel much more comfortable about her going with her troop to this water park resort this Saturday.

The new dolphin-shaped hot-pink swim goggles are a hoot too.