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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

My kids - the ones who are here full time, because the other one does things for her mom, which is as it should be - are eight and three. Eight-year-old Abby was at her dad's house this weekend, and should be coming back to my place momentarily. She confessed to me on the trip to her dad's on Friday that she needed to bring her homework in and do it at her dad's, partly because they "started doing times, and Dad loves times you know," and partly, "because I have a Mothers' Day project from school and it's not done yet". All righty then; you go right ahead, honey.

Three-year-old Lizzy and her "imaginawy fwiend Ann-who-lives-at-Ann's-house are making me a pwetend cake just like Dowa and his (sic) Papi make foh Dowa's Mami." This cake "tastes like chocolate flowahs, Mommy, and then you get some alone time! And the cake has fwuit snacks in it because Ann has a wecipe foh chocolate flowah fwuit snack cake!"

And while I think in theory that men should do things for their moms rather than the mothers of their children (except where the children need help), I did get a lovely day-at-the-movies with my man on Friday. He's going to come home from work and call his mom, and then we're gong to my mom's for dinner. Yes, my mom does the cooking for Mothers' Day most of the time, and often gets my sister and me flowers as well, on the grounds that if it weren't for us, she wouldn't be a mom. I think that's lovely, and when my kids are old enough to be living on their own, I plan to do the same.

It's not all sweet-smelling babies of course. Anyone who has been a parent knows this. But it's worth it.