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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lizzy in Other People's Houses

Lizzy sleeps better at my mom's house, no question. She goes to sleep more easily and naps longer, and well... naps on something approaching a regular schedule as well. Part of this is the more relaxed and quieter environment at my mom's - she does not sleep nearly so well at Mom's when Abby is there too - and part is simple family dynamic. Mom's a lot more no-nonsense than I am, and they watch "gwown-up shows" (aka soap operas) while Lizzy is dropping off. Apparently my grown-up shows are just too exciting to let her sleep, and when I try to do nothing so there's little stimulation for her, she makes her own stimulation; she giggles and flips around and cries and fusses. Occasionally we've tried holding her still, knowing that if she would just stop moving for a few minutes she'd drop like a stone. That rarely goes over well; she hates being restrained and it gets quite loud (and we live in an apartment). We've started putting her to bed early - if her dad puts her to bed she is far more likely to stay there - and there has been much drama thereby, but it's gotten slightly less each night. Eventually it will get to where it is down to book-brush-bed without angst, but we need to be consistent for several weeks, I expect.

Of course, Lizzy is ah... energetic under most circumstances. When she's one on one she is the sweetest child in the world - affectionate, kind, generous -  but the moment a third party comes into the mix she becomes a wild animal. This is more marked if the third party is a child or a visitor; less so if it's just the adults - me, my mom, Lizzy's dad - who are her regular caregivers. The last couple holidays have been exciting - her baby cousin is now big enough to play, but not yet big enough to hold her own against Excited-Lizzy. I'm not sure Abby is big enough to hold her own against Excited-Lizzy.

Heck, I'm not sure I am.