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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day in the Life

It's Memorial Day, so we're all at home today - there's no school and it's sort of like an extra Sunday for us - fairly lazy and a day when we just kind of hang out. But one with Laston home as well (he usually works on Sundays). I haven't been feeling well for several days - the allergies are getting just stupid this year and I might be coming down with a cold - and the holiday job listings are slim-to-none pickings, so I'm taking advantage to just kind of chill out.

Lizzy and I took baths, Abby went out to play, and Laston played computer games. I'm hoping (but not really expecting) to finish The Wise Man's Fear today so Laston can have it. We've had a few of those sweet family moments today where nobody did anything deliberately funny, but it cracked us up all the same; my favorite was this one.

Scene: the living room of Chez Gamers' Babes. Eight-year-old Abby is sitting in a chair, having just learned to wash infinitesimal specks of crud out of her eyes and feeling pretty adult about it. Three-year-old Lizzy marches out of the bathroom, dressed in nothing but training pants and Mardi Gras beads, and plunks a pink feathered tiara onto Abby's head. Abby looks resigned and patient and long-suffering, so as Lizzy traipses back into the bathroom, Laston (46) carefully balances a dolls' dress on top of the tiara. Lizzy comes back in, exclaiming, "Daddy! That's not nice!" while Laston doubles over with laughter.

Just a simple thing, but a fun sort of bit of ridiculousness in our day.

ETA: And then, Laston and I were discussing the character alignment of assorted Harry Potter characters and decided that Minerva McGonagall is Lawful Neutral. Abby asked about it and we explained a bit. When she asked, "What's 'Chaotic'?" we both said, "Lizzy," in unison, and cracked ourselves up again...