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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Watching with Knowledge

So I'm watching Farscape on Netflix Instant Play whenever I am kid-free and at home at the same time. This is usually after ten at night, or sometimes during the day whilst job-hunting and house-keeping.

I know how it ends.

And I am a lot more genre-savvy than I was when I was watching it the first time - episodes I videotaped off TV myself! In fact, I vaguely remember fretting at Abby's dad - "did you set the recorder for Farscape?" - on my way to the hospital when in labor with Abby. And of course TV Tropes itself has made me far more aware of the various tropes, devices, conventions, etc. in use in any given thing I'm watching.

On the other hand, Abby, age 8, is ridiculously genre-savvy. She spends a lot of time talking to the TV, saying things like, "For crying out loud, don't split up! Mom, these guys are splitting up again! You'd think after what happened last time, they'd know better by now. Phht." She's hilarious. All the more so because she doesn't mean to be.

Oh, and she hates the word "hilarious". She can't really explain why. She just says it "sounds bad". And she's seen the first three Harry Potter movies but we're only halfway through the first book in our reading, and she keeps wondering why things aren't "quite right". Mostly I suspect because I can't keep up a British (or any of the other) accents in the book and so they just don't sound right to her.

I jinxed my mom. After yesterday's post, Lizzy has refused to nap today at Grandma's. Oops.