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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Settling

Because Saturday was rather unsettled. What I hadn't realized when the kids were all a bit off was that I was too; I hit my head on Friday evening and while I'm not concussed, I've had a low-level headache since (probably from the bruise on the back of my skull). And with Kiki not her usual self, and Leanna being loud and defensive and Abby being weepy and Lizzy being whiny, I didn't really notice the headache until hubby got home and I had a break from the noise, when the ache went from annoying to pounding.

To cap it off, Abby got her toe squashed under Leanna's chair - it was an accident but I bet Leanna will be more aware of the rocking in a dining chair and Abby will be more aware of where her fingers and toes are for a long time. Because while Abby is not seriously injured, she sure is bruised and nothing hurts worse than a bruised toenail (at least when you're eight). And Leanna is so good-hearted that she feels horrible "for hurting Abby" although it was completely accidental. Mostly, it's that 8- and 10-year-old kids are growing and clumsy and don't know where the hell their body parts are. Of course, given that I whacked my head 24 hours earlier, the same could be said of me.

Just like my head, Abby's toe is an ibuprofen-and-ice situation. Of course, she wanted to call all her friends once she stopped screaming bloody murder - there's a certain cachet to injury when you're eight. She's mostly outgrown the band-aids-as-body-art stage, and this is just the next level, I guess. I would not allow her to call her friends - it was after eight - but I let her call her dad and he told her to hold the phone to her foot while he made loud kissy noises. That seemed to help quite a bit. Possibly more than the ice.

So today we're taking it easy. Television, books, laundry, tidying up, getting ready for the week. And ibuprofen. It's about all I have the mental energy for at least. Abby's gone out to play, but she is very concerned about the inability to run well until her toe heals. Good thing Track & Field does not start in our district until third grade, I suppose. Such is life at Chez Gamers' Babes.