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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apologies to Dr. Seuss

Lizzy "reads" Dr Seuss in 2011
I do not like this snow and ice,
I do not like - don't think it's nice,
I am not fond of snow this year,
It does not bring me warmth and cheer.

Special sun lamp on, at the proper angle. I will not go there again. In spite of the newest unemployment insurance drama (nothing major, just a bit of a wait because I've slipped to another tier of payments so there's a delay). But this time I have hope on the job front (lots of interest in my resume at least, if no real action), it's early days in this session's schooling, I have the sun lamp and the vitamin D3, and I refuse to let one snow day (or even a bloody week of them, God forbid) throw me this time. All my supports (except my mom) are in place, everyone in my family is safe, and although I said snow day, technically there isn't one in our district - the roads are still fine. And I will insist on a bit of time to myself - probably out of the house - when the Hubs gets home. I'm sorry he's had a long day (he's on mandatory overtime) but I will need that half hour out by myself if we don't want a repeat of the Winter Blues of Doom. 

The fact that - even though I have no particular plans today, but I still have already put this last weekend's roast chicken on to make broth (with the last of the fresh basil my mom gave me before she went on vacation and mushrooms and green onion and carrots), started the dishwasher and the laundry, written a blog post, and done my schoolwork due today, and it's only 8:20 AM - that means that I can do this thing.

Oh, and for a slightly more entertaining bit on poetry, Abby and I have worked up Brownie Scout lyrics (to the tune of Summertime) for Cookie Sales Season. We plan to make a poster to share with her troop at next week's meeting.