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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bringing up Nerdlings

Or geeklings, at least.

Lizzy's a science geek at four. She's been begging for a "weal maganafying glass" for a week or so, and today she and the Hubs went out looking for ants to watch. They couldn't find any, but they did find some flies, because (as she told me when I got home from taking the Abbster to her dad's) "bugs like gawbage, and the Dumpster has lots". She's the one who designs complicated Lego (Duplo) buildings and begs older children to build them for her (I think she is somehow aware that her fine motor control is not as good as her design skills yet).

Leanna's the Animal Rescue nerd. She has a soft heart where everything living is concerned, and is the one who begs hardest for the privilege (seldom granted) of things like "bringing the poor injured snail in the house". She's the reason we had a plastic container of grass in the fridge for a couple weeks so she could "feed it to the animals", and who burst into tears when we explained that no, the frog eggs really didn't need relocating; they would hatch into tadpoles well before the mud at the edge of the pond dried up.

Abby's our fiction geek. She has a love of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, classic mythology, and video game references that rivals my own. It was especially apparent today on the trip up to her dad's house. First she wanted to hear a synopsis of the movie her stepdad and I went to see yesterday. Then we had to stop for a trip to the bathroom and given where we were, we stopped at one of my favorite Bar & Grill places, where they encourage the patrons to write on the bathroom walls. So when Abby left the ladies' room, her eyes were as big as saucers, because she had seen the words Bad Wolf (spoilers) and a drawing of a 1-up mushroom on the walls.