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Monday, March 26, 2012

Morose Monday

Normally I quite like Mondays. But today - before I even had my caffeine - I got word that the interview I had last week did not net me the job. I think the interview went well, and the reason they gave was "not enough experience in gaming".

Excuse me?

Um... I'm JennTheGamerMom for a reason. Most notably my addiction to games of all types.

So I have to assume that it's more specifically "Not enough recent experience in first-person shooter gaming." Which is more accurate; the last FPS I played on a regular basis (excluding MMORPGs) was Unreal Tournament 2003. And that was a long time ago in software terms.

And just for giggles, I realized this morning that I can no longer ignore the toothache I've been trying to for the past four days. Wonderful. Back to the dentist I go, Wednesday at ten.

In the meantime, I shall do homework. And housework. And job hunting.

Here's hoping the week improves fast.