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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Kind of Monday

Today was a Good Day. I got the kids off to their respective schools without having to rush. I got to storage to pick up some of our Halloween (well, autumn, anyway - scarecrows and silk leaves and so forth) decorations and then put them up. I applied for two jobs and followed up on two more. I did some of this week's homework. I picked Lizzy up at preschool and got to sit in on the last few minutes of her computer class. It was great - put on by a local  franchise of a company called Children's Computer Corner - and Lizzy had a great time. Plus they may have been successful in hammering some computer manners (like how to handle CDs and how you really shouldn't press the power button when someone is using the computer) into her hard little head.

I took Lizzy out to lunch with friends (just fast food, but since Natty is Lizzy's Best Fwiend and her baby sister Emmy is cute as a button (and thought that my nail polish was the absolute most amazing thing she'd ever seen) and that their mom and I actually got to chat, well, it was definitely a good time). Then Lizzy and I went to one of our favorite local places - Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt - to pick up dessert for the whole family. Sugar-free Kahlua with sugar-free chocolate and nuts for the Hubs, nut-free chocolate-vanilla swirl with Nerds and chocolate chips for Abby, dairy free watermelon sorbet with "juice caviar" and coconut for me, and sense-free chocolate-vanilla swirl with a little of everything for Lizzy.

Good Day.