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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am very very bad at inactivity. Even when I'm sick or tired or pregnant or whatever, I cannot just sit still and do nothing. I can't nap in the daytime unless I have a high fever. As a rule, watching TV is not active enough. This is part of the reason I'm overweight - I have to do something, even if it's nibbling, and I got into the habit of munching in front of the TV rather than doing my cross-stitch or what-have-you. Also part of the reason I really like video games; they give me something to do with my hands.

So yesterday, when my dentist more or less ordered me to rest (he threatened to send me to an oral surgeon, "who will charge you thousands of dollars for the same thing and maybe that will make you take resting seriously,") I was Not Pleased. But he gave me some specific guidelines - no lifting more than 30 lbs, only soft foods, nothing too hot, nothing carbonated, just relax. By fortunate coincidence I have no assignments due until tomorrow midnight.

I can't do it. Not all the way, anyway. If I do nothing at all I'll go bug-nutty. But I can watch old TV on Amazon Instant Streaming, apply for jobs on the Internet, play on Google Plus, and fold laundry without going crazy. The good offices of hydrocodone make me sleepy enough that I'm not overdoing the one of those activities that's actually physical. That's as good as I've got.