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Friday, October 28, 2011

Game Night

This should be fun. In addition to our usual suspects we have some people who have been online-friends for quite a while, but whom we have never met in person. Should be a new and fun thing.

Plus in addition to my specialty (pot roast with red potatoes, mushrooms, onion, carrot, parsnip and turnip), we have Iced Gypsy Tea (today's flavor is English Breakfast with mulling spices, sweetened with agave), and hot spiced cider. And the incomparable Carrie of The Happy Little Cake Company has made us a cake (we love being her guinea pigs!). As usual, we will most likely play Dominion, because it is in fact different every time.

Now, all I have to do is calm down (so I don't kill any of the kids); I've been stressing over the dangers involved in pumpkin-carving with lots of bouncy children around (not to mention the cramp in the fleshy part of my right thumb), dealing with Lizzy (who has been Dropping Her Spoon most of the day because she's caught a cold and she can't "bweathe thwough by dose") and fretting over the fact that none of my three browsers can access my school website today. So I need to remember that we will not be outnumbered by children (in fact, every single adult in the house tonight is a parent, which is not always the case), that Lizzy will have someone her age-ish and will therefore be less of a pill for the other kids and the adults, and that there's always that song Lizzy and I made up yesterday in the car. It can be adapted.

If you're stressy and you know it, take a breath,
If you're stressy and you know it, take a breath,
If you're stressy and you know it, then try to calm yourself down.
If you're stressy and you know it, take a breath.

ETA: The new folk were really fun, and their kid integrated with ours well, without any bloodshed or much drama. And the cake - OMG the cake was fabulous, Vanilla Spice bundt cake with apple-cardamom compote. Dangerous.