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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hooray for Halloween!

I mentioned previously that we have an Angel, a Skull Bride, and a Tinkerbell all excited for tomorrow. We've got a Luigi coming too, and a Dracula and a Harry Potter. Two other children but I don't know yet what they're wearing. These kids (totaling eight, ranging in age from three to 11) will all go out trick-or-treating tomorrow night, accompanied by our menfolk (of whom we will have four) and whichever womenfolk chose to walk rather than supervise treat distribution and gossip about neighborhood kids' costumes. This is traditional for us and it's really really fun.

But this is only after a party in Abby's 3rd grade class, followed by a party and spaghetti feed in Lizzy's preschool (a different school, natch), followed by Lizzy going with my mom for a nap (thank God and Grandma) while I come home and get some school-and-job-hunting done. When Abby gets home from school we'll refresh her hair and makeup, do homework, wait for Leanna and the neighbor kids to show up, and get together with Grandma and Lizzy for the festivities.

This should be a fun - if exhausting - day.