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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Trouble in a Little Suburb

Not this kind of Big Trouble.

They're putting in a Panera Bread down the street from my apartment.

It has a drive-through window.

I won't even have to leave my car in Seattle weather to get my carbalicious fix on.

This is very bad.

Very very bad.

I'm in big trouble.

But wait...  they do have a Steak Chili that doesn't look too bad for one. And the Vegetarian Black Bean looks okay too. And the Garden Vegetable and the Chicken Noodle. The sandwiches don't look any worse than the equivalents in other restaurants and are certainly better than other drive-through options.  The salads actually look good - tasty and not-too-bad-nutritionally. The smoothies - with the exception of mango of course - look fine for the kids at least. And the kids' menu is really good for a place with a drive-through window.

So as long as I stay away from the dairy-based soups, salads, and drinks - which as a mildly-allergic person I shouldn't have anyway - the menu looks reasonable.

Maybe this isn't as bad as I thought.