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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Pretty Well, Thanks

People seem to think I should be depressed because of my joblessness and other issues such as the Teeth of Doom and my unemployment insurance running out and so forth. And historically - just ask my ex-husband - October and November are when the SAD hits me here in Seattle-ish.

Surprisingly, I'm not depressed. Oh, I'm stressed about money as always; although that's been mitigated by having finished paying off some bills, it's also a stress-bringer that the UI ran out (even though I get an extension or four, the extensions are less money per week) and that I missed one or two smaller bills in the Grand Payoff of 2011. But really, aside from money, everything at Chez Gamers' Babes is Pretty Darn Good.

Today when I went for my dental followup (still do love my dentist), my dentist complimented me on taking care of my teeth and the extraction site. He said the bone graft is far more advanced than he expected at this point in the healing process. He told me I can now drink through a straw if I like ("as long as it is not a thick milkshake") because it's healing so well (although I didn't ask, I think alcohol is still forbidden, but that's not a big problem for me) and I can eat anything I want as long as I am careful. And I'm excited to say that I received a photocopy of the page in their company newsletter - I think it's called Word of Mouth - where they printed an excerpt of this blog post I wrote last May (not as exciting as Hubs' short story getting published, but still...). Also, I discovered from the UI people that if I accept a part time job, I still get partial unemployment benefits... and my dentists' office is probably hiring front desk staff. I can certainly do that - customer service is my specialty - so I think I might apply.

On the not-depressed front, I also got the news today that in one of the two classes I took last session - having gone back to school (online) for a degree in Communications - my final grade is an A (94.5%)! I don't have the final paper graded from the other class yet, but even if I get no points at all I'll have a C, and I think I did rather better than "no points at all". I'll probably have a B.

Tomorrow I'm getting a manicure courtesy of my mom, who feels that it will help me continue staving off depression. She may be right. And tomorrow afternoon Abby and I are going with her Brownie Scout Troop to do our service for the month. We may have a game after that, although right now the number of available gamers is pretty scarce.

Life is good.