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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Greek Food

There's a nice little Greek restaurant nearby, and my mom had a coupon, so we thought we'd try it for breakfast this morning. I don't even like eggs (except hard boiled/deviled) and the coupon was for a Breakfast Gyro, which had an omelet-like egg, seasoned meat, feta, tomato, and onion wrapped in a pita.

I loved it.

Chicken Gyro at Stavros Greek Cuisine
Seriously, forget my dislike of eggs - this stuff was great. It's a small place, and family-run (three generations), and it was just great food. I plan on going back for souvlaki and spanakopita and baklava (that last when Abby's at her dad's next, I think). They have several salads and meatballs and pizza (so even the kids'll eat there) and of course lunch gyros and a daily special that's not on the menu. They're only open weekdays, and that only for breakfast and lunch, but we can work around that. This place is worth it.