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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Star of the Week

This week marks Lizzy's stint as Star of the Week at preschool.  The Star of the Week gets to be line-leader, gets to choose who helps clean up "with wipes!", brings a snack (we're bringing fruit leather), and has assorted other responsibilities and privileges.

She also has to fill out - with parents' help - a list of favorites (stuffed toy, restaurant, movie, etc), the answers to which were pretty funny. Some are fairly normal, like her favorite restaurant is Red Robin and her favorite movie is The Care Bears II: a New Generation. But she wants to go on a field trip to "the desert" (too much Magic Schoolbus, perhaps?), and her favorite breakfast food is apparently "grapes and bacon". And we were asked to make a poster with Lizzy and Friends at various stages, shown to the right.

In addition to Lizzy's turn as Star of the Week, the Sound of the Week is Aa. Not AY. Not AH. Aa. S I was racking my brains trying to think of something that is neither apple nor alligator, of which I'm sure there will be plenty, and my eight-year-old pipes up with, "um, mom? She could bring me. I start with Aa". To which the answer is "no, not on a school day". But Lizzy is bringing a picture of her big sister. On the back it's labeled:

Aa Abby
Aa Abigail

That ought to do the trick.