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Friday, October 21, 2011

Today I Learned... much water ends up on the kitchen floor when one breaks the dishwasher's seal by closing a fork in the door. How much, by the way, is "quite a bit". Enough to need a bath towel to mop it up. to make my Tropical Pork safe for all attendees of Friday Game Night. Instead of using tropical mixed fruit (potential for mango to which we have an allergy in the family) I use a can of pineapple rings and one of mandarin oranges, and instead of putting onion in the crockpot (we have a regular at Friday Game Night who is sensitive to them), I chopped the onion into a small saucepan with the liquid from the canned fruit and some soy sauce so it can be added by those who can tolerate it.

...that I'm a good student. I never was before. Part of this was learning differences (and the schools in the 70s and 80s made fewer allowances for such things) and some was simply laziness on my part. I was smart enough - I just had lousy study habits and no particular drive to succeed, even in community college in the late 1980s. Now I do, and my first session at University of Phoenix / Axia College netted me an A in one class and a B+ in the other. This is blatant bragging on my part and I don't care. I did good, and I want the world to know.

...that I'm really looking forward to this afternoon's Brownie Scout in-service event. We're going to the Junior High I myself attended to help run the Threads and Treads clothing bank for a couple hours. It's a nice girl-scouty thing to do, but it's a little different from the usual canned food drive or the like. Those are good too, but this is a change of pace. I like it.