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Monday, October 3, 2011


Squick is the reaction some people have when confronted by TMI, taboo subjects, things they consider unnatural, etc. The Veggie Tales squicked my older daughter when she was little. My husband is squicked by many things. This post may squick you if you are uncomfortable with medical / dental / surgical details (this means you, my darling husband). You have been warned.

I went in last week to have a tooth pulled and another root canaled. Not too big a deal. Uncomfortable but certainly not a major thing. Until they discovered that these teeth had roots going all the way up into my sinus cavity. All this was covered in another post. That was Wednesday. Thursday I graduated to noodles with mushrooms, whee. Friday we went to the dentist before the casino because something felt like it was coming loose. The dentist (not my usual guy) said it was just a little of the membrane they use to keep the bone graft material away from mouth bacteria, it's all good, just be gentle.

And it was. Until I had a sneezing fit last night due to going through old papers my grandmother and then my dad had kept and were now passing to us (and some of them were hilarious - letters from eight-year-old me to Grandma and so forth - but that's another post). Dusty. And apparently, since there is the hole going all the way up from the surgical wound into my sinus cavity, violent sneezing knocked all that packing material loose. One should not be able to breathe through a hole in one's gums.


And apparently I also have seriously strong saliva, so the silk stitches were too deteriorated to hold all that stuff in. That's right. Jenn The Gamer Mom, Super Spit Girl. So I went in again today. He repacked it, used some topical antibiotics, and restitched it, using what amounts to medical-grade fishing line.

This is getting really old. But it is what it is, and it must be done. Kableh.