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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Children are Strange

Lizzy as a fairy in 2009
Abby is - as stated previously - going to Halloween as a skeleton bride. Lizzy as Tinkerbell (in a handed-down costume from Abby, and she's wearing leggings and a long-sleeve tee under it so she won't be cold). Leanna has a hard time deciding. She's usually an animal of some sort because she loves them and because her mother is uncomfortable with the darker side of Halloween. So in an effort to both please her mother and coordinate with Abby, she's decided to be an angel (Life to Abby's Death). Cute. Finding a costume in any given size two days before Halloween is a challenge, but we found wings and a halo and she'll go as an angel in disguise.

Lizzy, in addition to her problem with Bob the Tomato not being "weally a vegetable" is objecting to other aspects of the VeggieTales and its lack of realism. Because "Piwates do do things, so the Piwates who Don't do Anything ah not weally Piwates". The fact that they are talking freaking vegetables is not a problem (except the aforementioned Bob), but darn it, Pirates should Do Something.

Such strange little people.