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Friday, October 14, 2011

Game Night?

Our new friends could not show up to game night this week; they said they'd catch us next week. So we only have our two most frequent attendees, plus us at Chez Gamers' Babes.

It's just as well.

Abby, Leanna, and Lizzy have not seen Greg (my future son-in-law, because if Abby won't take him, Lizzy has volunteered) for about a month, due to game night being put on hold for illness or birthday celebration or tooth pain or what-have-you. Conversely, Greg has not seen them for the same time. All four of them are excited to see each other, Abby is shrieking with excited glee, Lizzy is seriously overtired - the bags under her eyes look like they've been packed for a month's stay in the Arctic - and Leanna and Greg don't have volume switches under the best of circumstances, which these are not.

So I'm losing it, Laston is in his own quiet way, and Greg's dad Nate is the only sane being in the place. I have to get out now, or I'll start screaming at the kids, instead of just minor shouting. I say goodbye to the other adults - the kids are oblivious - and run to the store. On the way I get a call from Abby's Nana (her dad's mom), asking if we're still on for tomorrow.

Uh, what?

I have a vague - very vague - recollection of getting a call from Nana on my way to the dentist two weeks ago. Apparently there was more to that conversation than I remember, because she's picking Abby up and taking her out for the day tomorrow.

So, Friday Night Game Friends? Next week might be better after all.