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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Remember that lower-left first molar? The one I had out last summer and had my first - rather pleasant - experience with nitrous oxide? It's healed quite nicely, thank you, but the one next to it needs to be removed.

But it can't be removed until next week, because it is so infected that my lovely dentist is afraid I'd end up in the E.R. and that the novocaine would not work on it. So I need to take antibiotics (and thank God, painkillers; I didn't sleep last night) for a few days before I can get that done. Tuesday of next week.

So, in a last-gasp sort of way, tonight's dinner will consist of chewy pork chops and crisp vegetables, with Easter-chocolate-on-sale for dessert. Because it's beginning to look like my last chance for any of the above for awhile. Then I'll be back on yogurt and applesauce until this one heals.

We'll have to be careful about the chocolate - samplers are not generally nut-free - but there's a lovely little chart on the inside of the box detailing which chocolate is which and Abby's allergy does require ingestion, not mere exposure.