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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daddy and Daughter Write a Book

Lizzy, 4, asked her daddy today to help her "wite a book about SCIENCE, 'cause it's your favewit, Daddy." (she's right, SCIENCE (and yes, it must always be in all caps) is his favorite).

So while I catnapped on the couch, and Abby played in her room with a couple neighborhood kids, Lizzy dictated and her dad wrote down her exact words, folded the papers, and used Bendaroos to bind the book.  Then he took pictures of the pages on his iPhone and synced them to his PC. It's lovely, for all it's just printer paper and a brown marker (I'm sure Lizzy chose it because "bwown" is Daddy's favorite color). I think Step 6 is my favorite.

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