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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three Hours

That's how long it took to remove one tooth. Because my teeth have Long and Twisty Roots... of Doom.

No real problem, right? The last two took a total of four hours between them, in one go. I can take it.

Until they ran out of nitrous because it was taking longer than the hour and a half they had me scheduled for (they actually ran out of the oxygen used to deliver the nitrous, but I didn't know that until later). So I had two choices - wait for them to get a new bottle of oxygen, or go without (there's still the Novocaine of course). I chose Option Two. And it took an hour to get the rest of it and sew me up and all (the extra half hour, for those of you who can both tell time and add, was a break taken while they looked for more oxygen and massaged my jaws because they were cramping shut).

I swear one of those drills had a bit with blades the size of the ones in my kitchen sink's disposer.

I still love Bright Now Dental and Dr. C and everyone there, but he's damn lucky I didn't bite him this time.

And then the pharmacy was busy. But I had to go because the Vicodin they gave me last week made me itch and so they changed it to Percocet in case of a more violent reaction... and we do have major allergies in our family.

And on the way home from the pharmacy I realized that the dentist had not put an extra pack of gauze in the little bag of ice packs and such, so I turned around and went back. And by the time I got home the damn thing had stopped bleeding anyway.

So I have a packet of gauze I don't need at the moment, and six ounces of Greek yogurt and a Percocet and a penicillin capsule in my stomach and I want it to start working already.

Thank God my mom is taking the kids for dinner (ETA: and an overnight!) tonight.