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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Trouble with Brunch

This morning it was just me and Abby and Lizzy; Laston was at work and Leanna went back to her mom's last night, as she wasn't feeling well and wanted her mommy. I know the feeling. And although Abby was disappointed that Leanna was leaving early, she was reassured when we told her that even if we don't go visit Grandpa Joe next week, we can have Leanna for a couple days during spring break.

But this morning it was just us three, and we decided to do brunch. Now this is not brunch in the enormous Mothers' Day sense; it's just breakfast with a few lunch items, served later than usual. And it's a good chance for leftover food consumption. So we had the last of the strawberries, bacon, hard-boiled eggs for me and Abby and a stick of string cheese for Lizzy, a smaller-than-usual bowl of cereal, a third of a quesadilla, and a smoothie (consisting of nonfat yogurt and banana and a dollop of sherbet).

The trouble with this is that a) it uses a lot of dishes and b) Abby's fan club the neighbor kids knock on our door at ten and when told to come back in half an hour, tend to hop from one foot to the other on my doorstep, because they're afraid that if they actually do leave and come back in half an hour, they'll miss something. This is tiny bit trying when I have had neither coffee nor a shower yet.

But it's a fairly healthy meal, and even Lizzy ate all of it (and has been snacking on cheese and raisins and fruit all day since), so it's a good thing in the main.