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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mondays are Cool

I've mentioned many many times that I am not a fan of the stay-at-home-parent gig; I'm a decent parent but not a good stay-at-home one. Or maybe I just want a job. Probably both. But I do have my moments.

Today was an example. After last week's shenanigans - traveling all over the state, sleepover guests, etc. - Miz Liz was overtired. Overtired Miz Liz means sleepwalking and night-terror-y Miz Liz. Which she had last night.  I recognized what was going on right away and I walked her through the steps so there was minimal screaming even though she was doing the scary night-terror thing. When she got up this morning she was in fine form.

When I got up this morning I was dead. I think I had a grand total of three hours sleep and that is not enough. So I took Lizzy to school, came home, did some reading for school, and crashed for an hour before going to pick her up. And we went to one of our favorite (free-to-cheap) places to spend some time when the weather is nice (ya gotta take advantage of the nice weather in Seattleish). The original intent was to feed the ducks, but they discourage that now, because the ducks get fat and ill on bread products and also become total begging nuisances. Nice little lesson there on why the duckies get sick (bread is like junk food for them) and what they should be eating instead (bugs and seeds, mostly, around here). Lizzy impressed me with the huge variety of facts she knows about ducks, most notably that the "gween-head ones are boy ducks, gwandma says. Gwandma doesn't know evewything but she knows lots of things". Go Grandma.

And then we went to the lovely little toy store they have there in the Village -  they specialize in good toys, very little plastic junk unless it's clever (like the flattened plastic soccer ball Lizzy kicked around; it runs on standard floors and carpets as though it was an air hockey puck). What she really wanted (after trying everything in the store, practically)? A $2 tube of extra-long-lasting bubble solution. And it works; they're out there blowing bubbles that stick around for awhile.

My school now has a career-assist thingy for which I signed up today. Because this is getting really really old, ladies and gentlemen. I am so done with not having a job that pays in money rather than in hugs and kisses. So very very done.

But there are good days nonetheless.