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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From West to East

Fun but very tiring day. We trekked form our home north of Seattle to Clarkston WA, with a vanload of kids. There was an initial misunderstanding where I thought the rent-a-car place had enough parking to leave our car there while we took the rental.

It didn't. So we trekked back home to swap everything from our car to the rental, and left our car at home. We thought we got everything out of the car. But we were wrong. This becomes important later.

The trip itself was pretty fun. We stopped Ellensburg at a Mexican restaurant and had decent food, we listened to the kids make up a song about "mean kids" (wherein they rhymed words like jerk and quirk, and made demands like "how do you spell awkward" ad nauseum for mile after mile. We smelled the mint fields and the onion fields (not in the same place, thankfully), and learned about assorted farm machinery as well as local legends. I Pictochatted with Abby in the backseat on our respective Nintendo DSs. We swapped drivers just past Vantage and again in Colfax (because I'd rather someone with experience drove us down "The Grade" going into Lewiston - any road with Runaway Truck Ramp signs is somewhere I'd rather not drive.

We got to Clarkston and checked into our hotel. Nice place. Comes with wifi and breakfast included in the price. We called the in-laws and went to dinner at an Italian place in Lewiston, then over to the in-laws.

They are doing so much better than we feared; it's really remarkable how well Grandpa Joe is getting around. It's been a week since he broke his hip and he's walking around using a walker, everything. Tomorrow the Hubs will go to the dump for them, and I'll help with the grocery shopping (and probably a trip to Costco) to stock them up.

Once I get better set up computer wise, I'll post pictures.

Oh, and the thing we forgot?

Leanna's duffel bag. In our defense, it just looked like an olive-green duffel and I hadn't seen it before and I didn't know it belonged to Leanna. So off she and I went to Wal-Mart for a couple changes of clothes and a toothbrush and all that. She can always use more clothes, so I guess it's okay. But sheesh... what an end to a basically good but exhausting day!