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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Strange Day

Nothing bad happened today; it's just felt off.

I think it started when I got to the dentist. I had planned for the whole shebang of building up the bone graft after last week's extraction at ten, expected to be home, sore but better around noon, then laundry, dishes, school, job hunting, the usual.

But the delivery of bone graft material was late and they don't have it yet. They'll call me when they get it and I'll go in then. And that means today's appointment was picking out stitches (didn't even hurt) and checking to make sure it was healing right (better than expected, in fact) and reassuring the patient (me) that yes, it's normal to still have fairly intense jaw pain and minor swelling a week later because they did basically sprain the darn thing (the ligament is strained and the disk is squashed) in getting that tooth out last week. All in all, the appointment today took about fifteen minutes.

So I did all the other stuff I had planned... but it threw me off for the day. I shudder to think how thrown off I'll be by them calling and saying, "we have the bone graft material, come on in!".