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Monday, April 2, 2012

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...

...for tomorrow you have a tooth removed.

Lower left molar, because it's broken too badly for a filling or even a root canal. I've experienced this before, in the tooth next to this one. And if I can manage my birthday at a casino with a mouthful of stitches (it was two teeth that time, and the roots of those went all the way through to my sinuses), I can certainly manage Norwescon come this Friday!

And if I fall asleep in a panel or two due to the good offices of dental Vicodin, well... so be it. As long as I don't fall asleep in the panel Laston is part of - the one regarding the book in which his story was published - I'll be forgiven. Con-goers are a forgiving bunch as a rule, tolerant to a fault.

I've stocked up on yogurt and bananas and applesauce and potatoes, and I made a chicken soup (which at least one of my friends will recognize, although I put more spices in mine than in his) so I'm set for the next few days. By Friday at the con I should be able to manage hard boiled eggs, easy quick snacky protein.

And in the meantime, today, I've applied for six jobs, answered my daily questions for both classes, done some laundry, and started on the papers due later this week... so I can play with a clear conscience this weekend. Even then I'll have my Windows Phone with me so I can be reached in case of job opportunity! And the Norwescon Guide I downloaded. I am *so* looking forward to this weekend!