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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why My Mom Can't Leave Town

Seriously. Every time something momentous happens (assuming it's unexpected - she stays in town for things like childbirth!) my mom is either leaving or preparing to leave town. Not that I could blame her if it were intentional - who'd want to be there when her oldest daughter is spewing cuss words all over anyone in her way? - but it's not.

It just works out that way.

When Abby's dad and I separated, we actually announced it earlier than anticipated, because we didn't want my mom to fret all over the state of Florida where she was going on vacation. That all eventually worked out for the best - we get along fine these days - but what a mess it was at the time! I've bought houses, sold houses, my sister's done the same... all while Mom was on vacation. It's unreal how often it happens.

I'm sure it just seems like it of course; perhaps it's a corollary to Murphy's Law. "When Mom is out of town things will seem worse than they are". Because really? My computer problem appears to be an issue with the screen (I'm writing this from my husband's computer) which could be fixed easily enough with tools, time, money, or some combination. My mom is lending me a laptop that the kids use at her place until I can get mine fixed. Abby's dad and I would have bought that condo (and gotten divorced later and sold it) if Mom was in town or not. The time when I got laid off from the longest-term job I'd ever had and I was so shocked? Mom was at home then.

It's just that when I want my mommy (yes, I am 43. So what?) all the day-to-day crap seems more difficult to deal with.

I love you, Mom.