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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quiet but Fun

It's one of those days. The ones where one hangs around home, doing a few chores but mostly just hanging out with the family. We fold laundry, watch preschool shows (the bigger girls are at their respective other parents' places this weekend), read a ton of preschool books and just generally have some Quiet Time. Since Lizzy - who no longer naps during the day - took a long nap yesterday in the car to and from Abby's dad's place, I figured we could use it. All of us, as Laston & I don't get over colds as fast as the kids do.

So Lizzy and I were reading books and I was getting tired of the umpteenth Let's Pretend game ("Mama, can we pwetend that yoh a Bad Guy and you called me a Bad Name like 'stupid poopoo head' and then I cwied and I told my mom in the game and she told you to stop?"). The episode of Doctor Who next up in my Netflix Instant Queue is reputed to be a very scary one with Living Shadows That Eat People, so I decided to (re)play Kingdom Hearts. Anyone who knows these titles sees the connection, but for mom those who don't, let me explain. The Bad Guys in Kingdom Hearts are Living Shadows (more or less). I figured if I kicked their shadowy little butts it'd empower me to watch the Doctor Who episode tonight without scaring myself too much. Plus since Kingdom Hearts is full of Disney characters, Lizzy actually enjoys watching me play that one, so I'm not totally blowing her off either.

Uh, yes, adorkable. I know.