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Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Monday Stuff

Nothing spectacular (except that my mom is back in town, thank goodness), but just a nice day in all. A new week at school for me, breakfast with my mom, some job-hunting, some house-cleaning and laundry. A very interesting chat about how voices work on Google Plus, which started with my offhand comment last night that Abby's concept of sotto voce (she mutters to herself so loudly that I can hear her over the running shower) seems a little louder than mine. I love the Internet because of this very thing - how a simple exasperated/amused parental comment can basically start its own wiki-walk with people from all over the globe.

As for wiki-walking (on my favorite web site) well... I've been watching New Doctor Who after the kids go to bed at night. Before the last week or two I'd only ever seen a couple episodes of the new stuff, and the old stuff I'd seen in clumps back in the late eighties. So while I knew a lot of Doctor Who Lore (because I am a geek), I've been browsing through the tvtropes archives on the topic while I watch. There is a ton of it, because, well, it's Doctor Who. I'm having a ball with it, too. I'm having trouble choosing a favorite Doctor at this point because while David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) is darling and great in the role and so forth, I'm having trouble getting past Christopher Eccleston's (Ninth Doctor) Thousand-Mile Survivor-Guilt Stare of Doom. I imagine this has been a problem for fans the whole time, since they managed to use the plot (regenerating as another guy when close to death) to account for different actors in the same role. Brilliant.

Like my baby girl. She's taking a computer class at preschool and today she learned the difference between hardware and software ("hahdwayah is the computah and softwayah is the game") and how to correctly shut down Windows, and practiced her mousing and problem-solving skills. I love that they're using games by the company I used to work for back in the day, because I know those games inside-out and backwards, and I can follow her four-year-old storytelling ("so then we went out of the Gwasslands and to the Ahctic wheya it is vewy cold and somebody saved the cold snake with hot cocoa, and I got to save Zanzibah the Hippo fwom the ice wheya he was stuck".) She's played other Putt-Putt games here and at my mom's, and Pajama Sam & Freddi Fish ditto, but she'd never played the classic Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo before.