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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have a dilemma. Not a bad one, where either option is horrific and I must therefore take a third option or violate my personal code. Nothing so fancy. The problem is that I've been circled by so many people today (about 100) on Google Plus (and believe me, I'm totally flattered by this) that I feel like I should have something amazing and pithy and deep at the same time to post here on my blog. Every day.

And today, I got nuthin'.

Abby went to her dad's this weekend, saw Puss in Boots with him, came back here, went out to play, had lunch and is now having a play date with a school friend. Lizzy's making me crazy because she has 400 times my energy under the best of circumstances, and since I have the cold that she is 99% recovered from I have even less than usual. I'm doing schoolwork (and getting an A+ so far in Critical Thinking, thank you very much) and laundry and tag-teaming Lizzy with her dad, who is also preparing for an interview about his story.

I already belong to a credit union and have for a couple decades. We're having a totally prosaic American meal for dinner tonight (cheeseburgers). I'm not doing NaNoWriMo because I don't really do fiction. I haven't had dental work for a few days, we haven't had a full on game-night since the last one I wrote about, and the kids are doing normal things in their lives.

Like I said, I got nuthin'.

So, once I prepare a full-on turkey dinner (this coming Friday, whether we have enough gamers or not), go to my kid's Brownie Scout meeting (Wednesday), or attend her free trial gymnastics class (Thursday), I'll have something to write. Until then, I don't foresee anything. This does not mean nothing will happen of course - I could get a job tomorrow or the kids might say something exceptionally cool, or I might dream something up in the shower. It wouldn't be the first time.