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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Topics

This blog is (generally) a blog about life within a game-and-geek-oriented blended family. Every so often I do a post about something deeper or more important, but that's not the focus here. If I want to talk about more universal things - injustice, politics, religion, etc - I can do that on Google Plus or to a lesser extent, Facebook or Babycenter. And I do, although perhaps not as often as some of my more activist friends might want (and this is where I wish I had access to smileys in Blogger, so they know I'm saying that with affection).

But mostly this blog is about the world directly around me. Sometimes I write about major overlap between my world and the greater world, but generally this is about the little triumphs and tragedies, the quirks and squabbles, the hobbies and clubs and friends and school and home and life here at Chez Gamers' Babes. It's about the fact that our four-year-old Lizzy uses words like "tenacity" and knows what they mean. That our nearly-nine-year-old (and how did that happen?) Abby wants desperately to be Gryffindor-brave but is really Hufflepuff-kind. That our eleven-year-old Leanna is having tonsils out next week and I'm not the praying sort but I'm cool - and even grateful - to have other people pray for her.

Stabilized Snowman
It's about Lizzy using paper-cut snowflakes to make snow angels on the living room floor, about Abby's huge spoken and minimal written vocabulary, about Leanna's sensitivity to noise unless she's the one making it, about my adventures in dentistry, and about Laston's short story being published. About the differences (and similarities!) in parenting styles between myself, my spouse, and our respective ex-spouses. About his favorite technology and my favorite literature and our favorite games. About Lizzy drawing  scaffolding around or in her stick figures to "stabilize them, mama, so they can stand up". About Abby's growing knowledge of literary devices. About Leanna's huge improvement in schoolwork since she changed to a new district. About the day Tiger went missing.

It's a blog about us.