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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Ridiculous

I try not to complain about my lack of a paying job in my blog. Oh, I mention it, but I think that in the ten months I've been writing in this blog almost daily, I've only actually complained about it once or twice. But I'm about to do it again. Today has just been a hard one on the job hunt. Last week I was rejected for a contract position as a Technical Marketer because I was too technical and do not have enough experience in marketing. Today I was rejected for a technical writing contract position at the same company because I'm not technical enough. Insult, meet injury. Salt, meet wound. I mean, really?

I've gone back to school to remedy my lack of a degree. I apply for everything that the Unemployment Insurance people deem suitable. I follow all their rules and recommendations. I apply for work at my dentist, places my children go to play, and places that pay less than my unemployment checks give me, because I just want to work. So let me set out my minimum requirements here, and my wish list and my skill set, and maybe, just maybe someone among my readers will have - or know someone who has - The Perfect Job For Jenn.

Skills - I'm especially good at customer service and what my friends and family call nerd-wrangling - keeping all the truly technical people moving in the same direction. I have experience in computer and console tech support (both hardware and software), experience in software testing, and lots of experience in documentation of everything from games to business utilities to healthcare policies and procedures. I excel at translating Tech into English. I can use (and support) Windows or Mac operating systems, and I'm proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and a lot of other software too numerous to list here. And I'm basically a good person, a hard worker, and a reliable employee.

Minimum Requirements (that phrase reminds me of writing documentation for Atari back in the day here) - $13/hour (or the equivalent in salary) for full time work in the northeast end of Seattle (more for downtown or east side or south end to cover commuting costs). Regular business hours, although weekends are currently acceptable working hours.

Wish List - $20/hour+ (or the equivalent in salary) for full time work, regular business hours with option to work from home on occasion, paid vacation & holidays, 401k or equivalent, opportunity to help people. Oh, and a bus pass, why not?

See? I really don't ask for much, and I'm willing to work for it.