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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Love My Mouth

Seriously, with the amount of time, energy, money, and pain I've put into my teeth these last few months, I certainly ought to. Today was (yet another) post-operative checkup. I swear I've had more post-op checks for this than I had with either c-section. Probably not, but it does seem that way.

Good news! The wound (as they persist in calling it) is healing nicely. He did have to pick something out of it - a small piece of pumpkin, apparently - but for two weeks' healing time that's not too bad. He also said it's a really good thing I did not catch Lizzy's cold until this stuff was mostly healed; apparently that could have been ugly. I have a cleaning scheduled for tomorrow while Lizzy is at preschool, and then we're taking a break while these things get all the way healed, before gong in and doing one more extraction (broken tooth) and a couple more fillings and probably implants when the wounds are entirely healed (a couple months more). They offered to do the other extraction and the fillings sooner but I told them that while I still love them and all, I need a break.
Also, I love Lizzy's strange little personality. In our living room earlier this afternoon, Lizzy and I were watching DOra the Explorer - the episode where they teach the audience to mambo. Everyone else is up and dancing, but not Lizzy. Instead, every time the mambo music came on she'd flip the empty laundry basket over and drum on it in time to the music. Pretty well too. And - I didn't know this until just now - her imaginary friend Ann was drumming on the other basket.

This sums Lizzy up pretty well.