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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quiet Day

After yesterday's frantic running about, today was very quiet. Both adults have caught Lizzy's cold, and so we took turns watching Liz while the other rested / slept / took a hot bubble bath. I ate stew made from leftover pot roast. He ate chicken soup I made fresh today. We're floating away on the gallons of tea we've drunk between us. We've had some quiet games with Lizzy ("this is my baby and you ah my othah baby, and you have a cold so I'm giving you meh-cine") and read a lot of preschool books and watched rather too much preschool TV.

Did some laundry and some school work and the dishes. Nothing strenuous. Just a lazy day at home with a cold. Maybe if we took them more often we wouldn't get so many colds. I don't know. But it's nice.