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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Abby's new Brownie Scout Troop is very into community service, and I think that's a good thing. They opened the new library, sorted and tagged at the clothing bank, and today they're going to work at Food Lifeline for a couple hours. This occurs after lunch, so in the meantime there is Much to Do. I've got soup on for tonight, and turkey carcass being made into broth for tomorrow night's soup. Laston did the (OMG Turkey Dinner second round of) dishes, but there's schoolwork and the general round of laundry-tidying-etc.

I woke up to Lizzy shrieking that it wasn't fair, Leanna was using her plate and Laston putting her in her room until she could calm down. At first I thought this was a deliberate act on his part to teach Lizzy sharing (as there was a similar incident late last night regarding Leanna drinking from Lizzy's cup (and I was half-asleep)) but no, she was just tantruming and he grabbed the teaching moment and ran with it. Once she calmed down and was allowed to come back to the table (leftover pumpkin pie is a great breakfast, by the way), she and I had a little talk (she was un-talk-to-able while still tantruming - I know Laston tried). She claimed to be fwust-a-wated so I asked her what would be a better choice than having a tantrum. This is where I think that content matters, because she quoted Blue's Clues - she said, "I'm sposeta stop, bweathe, and think."

Now it's just a matter of getting her to remember that before lashing out. And she's four. And she has a temper. This could take a while.