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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Everyone here has had a cold (Leanna's had tonsillitis, but she doesn't live here full time and caught it elsewhere). As far as I can tell from my mommy-instinct and input from our doctor's office and, Lizzy was successfully fighting off this cold she picked up at preschool until she had her checkup with vaccinations. Of course, the viruses in the vaccines are dead and can't make her sick in and of themselves, but the doctor said (when I called the next day because Lizzy had suddenly started cold symptoms) that if she was already fighting a cold when she got the shots, her immune system threw up it's metaphorical hands and took its bat and ball and went home.

I love our doctor.

Anyway, Laston and Abby and I all got it too. Lizzy was fine in a few days except for occasional sneezing and an unusual amount of crankiness. Abby's symptoms are so close to her usual (to things like dust - not the nuts) allergy symptoms that it was hard to tell she was sick - mostly she just wakes up with a snuffly nose and spends way too much time clearing her throat. Laston spent one night with the cold med cocktail I gave him (a couple of ibuprofen, a half a diphenhydramine, and a cough drop - he's a lightweight on this score) and spent the weekend sucking down tea and napping and - while not completely well - is clearly feeling better. Although that may have more to do with his published short story and the euphoria therewith.

And then there's me.

I'm not ill unto death or anything - I don't even have a sinus infection or any of my usual upper respiratory bugaboos (yay for healed sinus lining!) so it's just a cold - but I sound dreadful. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing (I sound like an old Nyquil ad) and I've lost my voice almost entirely (which may be from yelling at the aforementioned Cranky Lizzy). But I don't feel badly sick and when you've had a gazillion sinus infections this is not something to sneeze at.

And yes, that pun was intentional.