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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home Sick

Not very. But a little.

Both Abby and Lizzy are down with colds. Sneezing, coughing, low-grade fever. Nothing serious, but temperature at or over 100F = home sick (school won't allow attendance). All bundled up in the recliner for Abby. Lizzy's another story - she only relaxes into illness when it's a high fever - she's acting pretty much as usual except for the Dropping of Spoons.

What always surprises me is how quickly it happens with kids. They were fine last night at bedtime (7:30 and 9, respectively) and this morning they're both dragging around, sniffling and sounding like death.

So I guess we're staying home, watching Phineas and Ferb and drinking weak herbal tea. I used to worry about missed school days for Abby, but last year she earned a certificate for missing fewer than three days (and this will be the first missed day this year), and I'll make her read and study her multiplication and division while we're here. I'm sure everyone will be fine by tomorrow as long as we take it easy today. A lot better attitude than last year, when I was all stressy about a mere head cold in Abby.

We need to get well though - it's Cookie Season - and there will be plenty of standing around in the cold and the damp next week, shrieking little tunes (this one is to Pop Goes the Weasel) at the top of her lungs:

All around the neighborhood streets,
The Girl Scouts sell their cookies,
Ringing doorbells, asking please,
Please buy some cookies!

So we're taking a day off to recuperate. Lying around watching kid TV for them, school and laundry for me.