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Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Not a Cancer Post ™ (except in that we plan to kick its ass).

Laston is sitting behind his computer, writing and chatting with online friends before this week's chemo knocks him utterly flat for a couple days (likely this evening).

There is a load of socks in the laundry.

Abby is using a Christmas gift (How to Tell a Story) to, well, tell a story. It's like Mad Libs meets Story Cubes, and it's super cool. That rampaging dinosaur has added drama and tension.

The dishwasher is running.

Lizzy has cleaned off the kitchen counter so she can use her Snap Circuits Junior set. She is explaining earnestly that the resistor in Project 18 makes the sound quieter than the sound in Project 17, because the resistor steals some of the electricity.

(She's using the counter because the table is covered in piles of clean laundry, (which will be put away by the time I get home from work this evening, rightRIGHT?)

Pizza for them and chicken wings for me are on the way before I leave for work at 4:30 (a four-hour shift for the holiday. If it's anything like yesterday's shift, I'll finish my jigsaw puzzle).

There is Hoppin' John in the fridge (ready to become Skippin' Jenny).

So pretty much like normal, actually.