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Monday, January 11, 2016

Weeknight Movie Night Reminds Me of the Babe

What babe?

The babe with the power.

What power?

The power of voodoo.

Who do?

You know who do. And it's not the usual Who we have over here.

This is also Not a Cancer Post ™. Not exactly. While we know Bowie died of cancer, we do not have confirmed reports of what kind.

But it's still a little worrying for those of us living with the New Normal.

Granted, Bowie was 69; he's 19 years older than Laston. And almost certainly rode harder and put away wetter than Laston too.

I am reminded of the babe, however, and so we're having Movie Night on a Monday. Lizzy has never seen Labyrinth (at least not to remember it), but I have some very fond memories of it as regards Abby at a very young age (though the Fireys scene still creeps me out a bit).

My favorite was from when she was about four, when she innocently asked me why, "the Goblin King has sparkly makeup and hair like a princess?"

I told her it was because it was the eighties. Thankfully she was too young to notice (or care) about the other ah... salient parts of his costume.

Wondering what she will think about it tonight, at thirteen years old.

At the moment, she is engaged in being Lizzy's backrest, because the opening scenes of said movie scared Lizzy.

Who will warm up to it, because she and I finished Alice's Adventures in Wonderland last night, and she's definitely in the mood for things that are curious (in the 1860's sense of the word, meaning "weird" rather than meaning "interested in how things work." She figured out that the word made no sense (in her limited context) in the Wonderland book day before yesterday.)

Bizarre logic puzzles also appeal to Lizzy.

Hopefully the big fat bruise on her cheek - she will keep running on laminate floors while wearing socks - will not distract her. She does like some of the eighties pop music.

Abby thinks that "Magic Dance" is "one of the best songs ever". I am inclined to agree.

In any case, we are here having a celebratory memorial viewing of Labyrinth, on a weeknight, because we can.

I imagine we're not alone; there are probably people all over the world celebrating / mourning in like fashion.  At The Rock Pizza down the street (where a very sweet waitress comped Laston a buffet lunch last week "because he's one of her very favorite customers and she was sorry to hear about the cancer") they are almost certainly playing all Bowie all the time tonight.

Which we will also do.