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Friday, January 22, 2016

Of Classrooms and Cookies

Not a Cancer Post™

No, this is (mostly) a post about Lizzy.

Today we had Reader's Theater (essentially a short play on-book; they have their scripts in hand) in her classroom; she played a girl called Lizzie (sic; she cannot deal with the different spelling, and gives little screams of laughter every time she has to write it down) in a short story called Grandpa for Sale.

Lizzy (as Lizzie) is even bigger of a ham than usual. She asked her teacher if she could do "a British accent," and actually did a passable job of it (if a bit questionable as to region), certainly better than some professional actors I could name. I guess she's been paying attention to Who and to my nightly readings of first both Alice books and now The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. And when she started the accent, her classmate who played opposite her felt she had to do it too.

There was also Lizzy's friend S (in a different play), who seems to be a born stage manager, as she seemed to know her own lines and everyone else's.

And a neighbor boy, C, whose mother came to see him perform in spite of having had a baby three days ago. She is a stronger woman than I.

Speaking of theater, Abby auditioned for another one tonight; she's trying for a part in Studio East's upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors. This is the first time she's been one of the youngest auditioning (minimum age 13) instead of somewhere in the middle of the age range, and as her voice is not all that mature yet, well... we shall see.

She is also doing Cadette Journey with her Girl Scout Troop. I am sorry to report that her troop is not selling cookies this year.

But Lizzy's is, and Abby's willingly relegating all sales she would otherwise have gotten to her sister. We will work out rewards and who gets what (and if they earn that pink fedora and they both desperately want it, we can always see if there is an extra on ebay or something when the time comes).

So, all ye who would like some cookies, please feel free to give me a shout at my email if we won't be seeing you for the next week or two. Dear workmates, I'll bring in the order forms. Laston's once-and-hopefully-future workmates, ping me and we'll work something out.

Now off to bed; tomorrow's gonna be a doozy; I'm sure half the east coast - including our call centers - is buried under a couple feet of snow. It'll keep us busy...