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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Day After (Not That Kind)

A Cancer Post™. Also a Troperiffic Post™.

This is not a scary, post-apocalyptic Day After.

Although that sort of thing is very popular around here; After The Hunger Games, dystopian After The End stories are all the rage in the teen set (and I've always rather liked them too, as long as they didn't seem too plausible. There is that Volcano Day issue I have after all).

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

You will be pleased to note that Laston's Avastin  (it rhymes!) did not make him nearly as ill as it did last time, two weeks ago. This time he had preemptive ginger ale and crackers, which might have helped. And he also knew what to expect. It does, however, explain the cough and the raspy voice getting worse. And here we thought he had a cold or seasonal allergies (which he may well also have, but Avastin is a common culprit in such things).

I now understand both FMLA and what my employer calls Me Time much better than I did. Thanks, managerial and human-resourcey folks. Appreciate it.

Abby has great grades, two Bs and a slew of As. We haven't actually received her report card yet, but at junior high and above, we can log into the grading web site and see the grades; the dates indicate that they are end-of-semester grades. She wins a sleepover during midwinter break. I'll be home for part of it and it's Not a Chemo Week™, so it's doable.

Once in a while.

No idea on the other kids' grades, but Lizzy earned a special honor at the end-of-quarter assembly at the elementary school; she got an award for Accountability. They do different character traits during the year; in past years, Lizzy was usually Accountability and Perseverance, and Abby was pretty consistent with Empathy and Service. Thus are the two children who live here, nutshelled.

It's still cookie season, so drop us a line!