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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star Wars and Seafood...

...was my Christmas gift from Laston.

You see, with the exception of major things like furniture or paid medical bills, we have enough stuff. What we don't have is enough time together, just the two of us (because time in the infusion suite does not count).

(And no, in spite of mentioning the infusion suite and the medical bills, this is Not a Cancer Post ™. Cancer is just there as part of the New Normal background.)

So for Christmas, I got Date Night. Or Date Afternoon.

We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and then to Anthony's Seafood Grill.

I will not spoil the big stuff, just in case we're the only people who hadn't seen it before today. I'm a science fiction fan in general, and a Whovian in particular; I have excellent Spoiler Etiquette.

But a few things:

All three major actors (playing human characters) from the first three movies have aged very well. I don't know what all the fuss was about over Carrie Fisher no longer looking all slave-girl-bikini. She looks great, just thirty years older. Which is kind of the point. Ageist jerks.

Ditto the gender and skin tone of the new crop of major characters. One's a woman, the other dark-skinned. Why is this a problem for some viewers? I mean, there are major players in this setting who aren't even bipeds, for crying out loud, never mind actual humans with different skin colors or in-and-out bits.

Never piss off the Wookie. Or (as with other Disney properties), the girl not yet in full control of her powers. Because she will end you.

Speaking of Disney properties, a sly reference to that in the person of one Han Solo, saying, "Princesses!" in that tone. So funny.

Lots and lots of throwback references, of course. And the new droid is super cute and in spite of his roundness, reminded me of Wall-E in a couple of scenes. Again Disney/Pixar. Also references to other science fiction, not just the Wars and the Princesses. The potential for crossover fanfic is enormous.

I am pleased.

And my usual craving for steamed clams (yes, I am a native Seattleite) was assuaged.

I remember wondering, vaguely, if Wookies can swim.

I also didn't realize until I got winded walking across the parking lot that this bronchitis crap? Not over.

But in the meantime the Force has awakened.

And it was glorious.