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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Days Off, They Call 'Em

They're not, and this one is more than most.

Not if one is "adulting," as the latest internet memes call it. I kind of like "adult" as a verb, actually. It's sort of all-encompassing.

Take today, for example. Laston - he's on the doesn't-feel-too-crappy upswing of his treatment cycle (and BTW, this is Not a Cancer Post™) - has done some writing, tidied up a bit, grocery shopped, and paid some bills. Given his energy levels, this is an impressive list of things (especially the groceries) for a couple of hours in the morning; just because he feels less like crap than - say - a week ago doesn't mean he feels well. Just less bad than usual.

I, on the other hand, am well. I got the kids off to school, took a short nap, did a load of laundry, a load of dishes, put dinner in the slow cooker (more on that later), changed the sheets, and made a big pot of gypsy tea. Now I can hang out and relax between laundry loads, maybe (re)play a little Final Fantasy 7, read, like that.

Note: the term "gypsy tea" is used with respect rather than contempt; the idea is one of inventiveness in using whatever one has handy, rather than of pity for not having much on  hand. Someone called me out on the term last week and I wanted to make that clear. In this case, it's black tea plus raw sugar plus a peach-apricot tea I got at a local tea shoppe.


So, dinner in the slow cooker: part of the reason Laston is out doing some grocery shopping is that we were running low of things I often use, like Campbell's Golden Mushroom soup. And eggs, which we were low on because the last batch from had some that were broken upon arrival (they're really good about this; even though over half the eggs were fine, they refunded the price of the entire delivery. I loves them).

Anyway, using what we already had on hand, I have the following in the slow cooker: three chicken breasts, a bag of mixed veggies (without lima beans, thank you very much), and a bottle of Soy Vay Garlic Hoisin Sauce and Marinade. I'm serving over pasta. If this means that Lizzy eats pasta and veggies, and Abby eats pasta and chicken, so be it; I'm tired of cooking to accommodate their picky little selves. I mean, I'll still do some; if I'm making sandwiches I'll make them each their own favorite, and I'm certainly not going to force them to eat things like red meat (for Leanna) or allergenic nuts (for Abby). But I'm not saying if-not-this-then-that anymore.

Oh, BTW - any of you who are my workmates, I changed computers and my internal IM contacts didn't transfer. Q me, would you, so I can rebuild my contacts list? Thanks.

Abby and I are starting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Except that tonight we're watching Clueless again; she is using an excerpt for her audition tomorrow. We are adjusting for language though; this is children's theater, after all. We loves Studio East too.

This has turned into a Random Thoughts Post, hasn't it?