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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Usual Suspects

Not a Cancer Post ™

And not these usual suspects.

I thought I had made it safely through the holidays with nothing more than allergic asthma, but alas, the asthma has - as is sometimes the case, especially in winter - complicated itself into the exciting combination of sinusitis and bronchitis.

Given my medical history, this means prednisone and amoxicillin, because if it's not a bacterial infection yet, it will be.

I found myself amused that the doctor - whom I had never met but who had obviously read my file from the last time I was in this particular chain of urgent care clinics - knew this right away.

Don't worry about Laston. I'm militant about hand washing because of precautions already taken for chemo, I'll be not-contagious at all in about twenty more hours, and it's not like I'll sleep (with him or otherwise) tonight anyway; prednisone precludes that as a rule.

At least it waited until after the first of the year, when things like paid sick leave and the like have reset. I'm making up the time anyway, but it's nice to know the option for paid sick leave is there.

At least it does happen a lot less often than it used to!