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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This Week I Learned (A Cancer™ (and other things) Post)

...Colon cancer metastasized to the liver is not the same thing as colon-and-liver cancer. In fact, colon cancer (even when found in the liver) is much more treatable than liver cancer. This is a Good Thing.

...However, this does not make Laston feel any better; in fact, he feels like crap, and he complains that his cast iron stomach isn't cast iron anymore (to which I replied that it still  is cast iron; it's just that there's a large spot where it's almost rusted through).

...On the other hand, according to his oncology nurses, he's doing better, just feeling worse. Arrgh.

...Going to get gas for the car and ginger ale for the rusted-out cast iron stomach ten minutes before Powerball sales end and the prize is over a billion dollars... is a Bad Idea.

...Lizzy thinks that if we win, we can "buy toys and cure cancer." I think that sounds grand and eight years old and kind of sweet.

...I find it interesting that this is the same little girl who recognizes a word being out of familiar context. We were reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and she remarked that she knows what the word curious means - it means you want to know about things - but Alice doesn't mean it the same way. Well, no, Alice is from 1860s England, where and when curious meant weird.

...Thirteen-year-olds whine as much as three-year-olds. Maybe more. And they have this twisted logic that makes no sense to anyone over fifteen, apparently.

...Again, on the other hand, thirteen-year-olds are pretty good at throwing out story ideas for the second-grade sibling's homework, and at assisting with their sister's Brownie troop when their own troop is not doing cookie sales this year (more on that in a few days; the cookie sales do not begin until the 22nd).

...I still do not understand why Lizzy, who loves to read and loves to make up stories in her head,  would rather die than actually write one down.

Even with her sister helping by throwing out those story ideas.